Business Valuation

Business Valuation Services

Business Valuations have many purposes and we provide several variations to fit your businesses needs. Business Valuations are needed in several situations, not limited to Selling or Buying a business. Our Cincinnati business valuation team is rightly suited for any of your requirements of business valuation in Cincinnati. Several methods can be used in a business valuation depending on the industry and specific circumstances. Our business valuation Louisville team is highly qualified to provide you the most appropriate solution all your requirements of business valuation in Louisville.

Broker Opinion of Value (BOV)

This is the most common and best way to get an understanding of your businesses value. This is often the first step to listing a business for sale or exploring the idea of selling your business. It’s also a great way to check up on the overall health of your business. 

  • Under $2M Revenue – $1500 
  • $2M – $5M Revenue – $2500 
  • Above $5M Revenue – Upon Quote 
    • Analysis of value using 3 valuation methods
    • Basic Report with explanation
    • 1 meeting to walk through report

BOV + Prep to Sell Package

This is the best package who feels they are still several years from selling their business. It gives them the opportunity to make a financial plan and necessary improvements to increase the value of their business over the next few years. We explore areas of opportunity to drive value and changes both you and your account can make to maximize your future. 

  • Under $2M Revenue – $2500
  • $2M – $5M Revenue – $3500 
  • Above $5M Revenue – Upon Quote 
    • Above + 3 meetings
    • Info gathering
    • Report explanation
    • Follow-up actions/consulting
    • Expanded Report with actions to increase your value over the next 3 years

Murphy Certified Valuations – Machinery & Equipment Appraisals – Upon Quote

This is best for businesses needing a valuation for reasons beyond selling their business. Examples include – Litigation, Divorce, Estate Planning, C-Corp to S-Corp valuation, management/partnership buy-outs, etc. There are varying levels of depth and consultation is required to determine the time and cost for this comprehensive valuation. Do not hesitate to contact us for any requirements you would have for business valuation in Cincinnati or business valuation in Louisville.